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Welcome to the forum! If you haven’t registered, register now, read the rules, and add to the conversation. When in Athens, Paul spent time in the synagogue reasoning with Jews and the “market place” (agora) reasoning with religious people, including Greek philosophers (Acts 17:18).  The market place, surrounded by shops, temples and government buildings, was the center of city life and became a place for public discourse on various topics. Well, instead building a physical “market place,” (picture for a moment a guy with MS building a city…haha), I opted for creating a forum to help bring Christian sufferers and their loved ones together to discuss important topics. Hope you enjoy!

Forum Rules

  • The primary purpose of this site is to help one another with suffering. The forum should be used primarily for this purpose as well.

  • Remember, each person is likely at a different stage in the grieving process due to suffering. Give people space when necessary. Sometimes no comment is the best comment.

  • If you are feeling angry at God or a loved one and are tempted to post something that you may regret later, wait to post. However, if you feel like you need an outlet please post on the “private” forums.

  • If making a claim from God’s Word always provide Scripture references, use verses in context, and make sure that your understanding is consistent with the entire Biblical teaching on the matter. Expect false claims to be challenged kindly and/or deleted.

  • Always speak kindly. Name calling and insults will not be tolerated.

  • Save the theological speak for private conversations. For instance, questions like “if God called a square a circle, would it be a circle” should be asked somewhere else. The people on this forum have real, immediate problems.

  • Don’t use the forum to promote your personal products or denomination.

  • If there is a new forum you would like for me to open. Contact me and we will discuss it.

  • Encourage, encourage, encourage whenever possible.

  • Don’t take it personally if your post is removed. If you want to discuss why, email me and we will talk about it privately.