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What’s up with the orange button at the bottom right-hand corner of the page?

Do u rem whn we tlked like these guys? Silly corded phones that made us use our voices and full words.

Do u rem whn we tlked like these guys? Silly corded phones that made us use our voices and full words.

  1. The orange button is the “chat widget” which allows you to chat with others one-on-one privately or publicly in the general chat room.
  2. It is where you will log in (if you haven’t already logged into my website), set your status (available or busy), see who is available to chat, and join the general chat room.
  3. Remember, everything is recorded. Make sure you are using this feature for the right purpose, the right way. Harassment will not be tolerated and will result in loss of use.

How to chat with me, TheOriginalYeti

  1. Starting off, I am going to try to make myself available between 9:30-10:30 on Thurdays. You will know I am logged on and available if there is a little green dot by my name.
  2. I will likely be logged on and available during other times so if you need something just look me up and send me a message
  3. If I am not available you can elect to send me a message via my email address through the “send a message” feature.
  4. Don’t get upset if the chat widget says I am logged on and available, and I do not respond. Sometimes I may not realize it says I am available and/or I haven’t checked the chat page in a while.

Group Chat rooms

  1. On occasion, I will establish a group chat room to discuss an important topic and try to publicize it so everyone knows the date and time to log on to chat.
  2. Otherwise, a general group chat room will be available to allow several people to join together and chat.


  1. Would you really take medical advice from a guy with a login name “TheOriginalYeti”? Sounds like a bad idea doesn’t it? Well here is a disclaimer just in case you answered Yes and No respectively to the questions above:
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