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With over 4 ways to directly connect with other sufferers who love Biblical truth, “Yet I Trust” is  the most encouraging site on the web for Christian sufferers and their family and friends.

Blog Posts

Blog posts aim to encourage and enlighten sufferers and our inner circles, primarily with proper Biblical understanding and application.

5 Major Topics:

  1. Relationship with God
  2. Relationship with Self
  3. Relationship with Family
  4. Relationship with Sufferers
  5. My Take on Various Topics


Forums will connect sufferers and loved ones to others in their respective groups in order to discuss important topics.

Two Types of Forums for Each Group

  1. Public and Private Forums for Sufferers
  2. Public and Private Forums for Family and Friends

Live Chat Support

Anyone who is suffering chronically knows some days are just downright discouraging. With daily live chats we can help lift each other up in times of need.

Connect with Me or Another Member Daily

  1. Chat with me between 9:30-10:30 a.m. eastern standard time on Thursdays.
  2. Find another member to chat with during various hours of the day

Prayer Requests

Prayer is an important aspect to spiritual and physical recovery. Make a request and have the entire network praying for you.

Prayer Requests Anytime

  1. Make prayer requests for yourself with the click of a mouse
  2. See how many people are praying for you
  3. Remove the request just as easy as you made the request

Why was created? was founded, at least in part, because of dissatisfaction with two elements on the internet: 1) a lack of on-going support for Christian sufferers and their family and friends; 2) a lack of sound, biblical material centrally located to help Christians keep their faith in God despite intense suffering personally realized or witnessed. In fact, much of the information on the internet regarding God and suffering is false, though it is paraded as biblical truth.  It either says too much or says too little, neither of which is truth (Gal. 1:6-8). As a Christian with Multiple Sclerosis this was very frustrating and discouraging.

As you may have noticed, the domain name uses words from Job 13:15 where Job declared, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him….” The name seemed fitting for two reasons. First, Job was mistaken about the source of his suffering. God wasn’t slaying him, it was the devil’s handiwork. One of the purposes of this site is to provide biblical material that will help Christian sufferers draw logical conclusions about their suffering. Second, “yet I trust” conveys the attitude that every Christian, especially those who are suffering physically, should desire to possess. When you first visit this site you may not be able to say “yet I trust” and truly mean it. However, it is my hope that with the support that this site provides your faith in God might be solidified and strengthened, so you can say with confidence, “yet I trust.”

To edify sufferers and their family and friends with God’s Word in order to help them achieve God’s divine purpose for their lives, eternal life

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is 100% truth. Every claim about God and suffering should be supported by the Word of God.
You can expect to find Biblical truth concerning God, suffering, and how to cope with suffering. You can also expect to find a network of likeminded, understanding people who will help support and encourage you during your struggle.
Million Americans suffer from incurable, chronic diseases
Million Americans are estimated to suffer from incurable, chronic disease by 2020
Million Americans identify as “Christian”
The percentage of suffering Christians that “Yet I Trust” is committed to helping

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Please read the introductory blog posts to the right in order familiarize yourself with me and the website. Here are a few “fun facts” that you won’t find in the introductory blog posts but will likely wish to forget immediately. Enjoy!

  • I hate cats, especially when they are mean… which is always.
  • When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist, like every other little kid in America.
  • I worked at a crab shack called “Crabby John’s” in high school. Yup, you called it. The owner’s name was John but everyone called him crabby. Go figure.
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